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Tpage 24hrs. Scam Alert

Scams have been one of the most serious issues not only in Tpage.com but also in all the global trends of online businesse.

Please report us by forwarding the scam received. As you report us, we will report to the major scam reporting and investigating organization.
Definition of Scam: a fraudulent business scheme

They used to be called "Nigerian letters" because they came by mail,
but now these messages also come by phone, fax, or email. And also their origins have spread out to Congo and Ghana and so on. The purpose of the scam is to get money out of your bank account, not to put money into yours. Therefore, never provide your bank account or other financial information unless your traders have definite identities and you have their solid information. Your information without verifying their identifications can be tremendously crucial damage through withdrawing all your assets from you.

According to Tpage membership reports, the scammers can only last their membership less than 24 hrs at Tpage.com because of the membership report on scams by forwarding them.

The scams at Tpage.com tend to target newly registered Tpage company members as their victims since new members are not well informed on the fraudulent purpose of the scams. Therefore, new company members must be aware of this kind of tendency and below information. Please update the scams received by forwarding them to webmaster@tpage.com.

The most of scams currently appear to be originated from Nigeria, Ghana, or Congo. Also they tend to be delivered under the feigned name of the king, prince, or minister. The fraud mails contain no specific subject title but common nonsense titles, such as Confidential, Business Proposal, or Urgent Assistance, etc. The content of the mail is usually about asking for credit card numbers, advance fee or looking for investors. These types of scams can critically damage reliability of Tpage membership.

For better comprehension on Scams, please click for the scam samples this victim of the scam has experienced the serious damages and loss of his economical position by the pathetic scam.

Please send us the official record, such as bank statement, if your company has been damaged by frauds other than scams mentioned above.
We will take an appropriate action according to your official record. Please send your record evidence to webmaster@tpage.com.

Moreover, do not get confused between unwanted inquiry and the scam.
Since Tpage.com is B2B e-Marketplace where members can correspond each other, you, as a Tpage member, can receive unrelated inquiry from Tpage membership.

Tpage.com once again appreciates all of your attention and cooperation.
Tpage.com will not only maintain the current position but also put all the efforts to provide better services for your prosperous business.
Please Contact Us for more questions on Scams.