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In the globalization and the information-oriented society, the ability of rapid adaptation for the information about trading, present market status, product, and technology is the main key source of success in trading. 'Tpage Global Co.- Trade Division' currently performs an important role in collecting, analyzing, and distributing various Information about new market development, trading market expension, and new emerging market through over 100 thousand member companies and counterparts of Tpage websites. As Power Networker, a global leader with Win-Win spirit in the interdependent world, we will do our best in global trading.

Off-line trade, the core capability in Trade Division, sets up the leverage on the chief exports countries and exports competitive products aggressively through the partnership with the local trading partners.
  • Chief Exports List - DVD Players / TFT LCD Monitor & TV / Set Top Box / PVR / PDA and Other IT Products such as Bio-recognition Products
  • Chief Exports Countries - U.S.A, Japan, Middle Asia, EU, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Slovenia, etc.

    In order to maximize the efficiency of business and cooperate with counterparts fluently, Financing will be promoted if it's necessary.

    ::: Chief Officer in Trading Division- Background Career
    Kim, Ki Young Director (josephkim@tpage.com)
    1. Present Director of Trading Division in Tpage Global Co.
    2. Trading expert for 12yrs in international trading division of SsangYong Co.
    3. Graduated from Sogang Univ., MBA in financing management