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How to Find Perfect Buyers

How to Find Perfect Buyers - Is it really worth it surfing around every trade site looking for buyers! You can search for companies, offers to buy at one view at Tpage.com, moreover; can search from other many trade sites at the same place.

Advanced Search - Narrow down the search ranges by specific country, date, Biz Type, etc. to have more accurate matching results.
Meta Search - Search offers to buy from over 15 global trading sites.
Offer Search - Searching for most updated fresh offers to Buy in the Tpage Offerboard
Company Directory Search - You can search for companies, offers to buy at one view at Tpage.com
Usenet - Enable to search the news or business archives related to your interests from archived posts on Google newsgroup.
Easy Inquiry managing tool - After sending inquiries to buyers, you can check its whereabouts by visible traces of all the outgoing inquiries
Tpage.com has raised its total offer amount of trades as $7 billion dollars
The daily visiting companies for trades are over 30,000 companies and 30 percent of them are the constant buyers searching and posting offers everyday as many as Monthly 8,000,000 page views.

You can search for your buyers, offers to buy at once by submitting your items in the search engine.

You can now create and post Tpage e-Catalogs Free of your products, which certainly include clear images and specific description of your products.

Saving time and cost in searching specific needs.
Your inquiry for the product in search result, can be easily managed in My Inquiry.
Convenient and reliable to determine the business certainty of interesting companies.

After all, if you don't see any Company or offers at the result, please Post Your Offer at Offerboard or use our Auto Multi Posting.

Offerboard - You can post your Offers to Sell/Buy related to your products/services at the Offerboard. Please click on the "Post Offer on Tpage" at the "Offerboard" and fill out the form. Posting Offer is certainly free.

Auto Multi Posting - Post an offer to all the competitive trade boards in the world, simply with one click. Your offer shared and replied by huge group of global market traders. Convenient and fast way to promote your opportunities. Only Tpage.com is eligible to serve this.

Booth & Catalogs - Every exporter may take this opportunity to promote and advertise their uppermost quality goods with well designed catalogs of the goods, made in Tpage.com. Since buyers love Tpage catalogs which certainly include detailed information and images of the products, Tpage Showroom will be the essential value of every exporters to appeal to the potential buyers of 120,000 Company members at Tpage.com.

Credibility & Reliability -
Please refer to [Member Verification] for validity of member information.

As you become a Tpage VIP Member or fulfill all the suggested trading activities, credibility and reliability of the company will be highly evaluated from other regular company members

Prime Listing - Buyers love to find their needs as fast as they can andíŽ No doubt on that!

Premium members!! - FreePass Up, Ex, PR, Pro certainly present you with perfect online environment and conditions to increase your trade surplus.

Be more aggregate and unique by creating and posting your catalogs, offers, and so on as many as you want.