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Great Advertising Efficiency

I. Prime Listing
Literally, primary opportunity to list your company, catalogs & offers at the first top of the category in each of Company Directory, Showroom & Offerboard!
Imagine your Company, Offers, Catalogs will be the first ones shown to the potential buyers and Traders in priority among the 120,000 Companies network!

Directory Prime Listing Offer Prime Listing
Showroom Prime Listing World Trade Expo Listing

II. Booth & Catalogs
Every exporter may take this opportunity to promote and advertise their uppermost quality goods with well designed catalogs of the goods, made in Tpage.com. Since buyers love Tpage catalogs which certainly include information in detail and images of the products, Tpage Showroom will be the essential value of every exporters to appeal to the potential buyers of 120,000 Company members at Tpage.com.

III. Credibility & Reliability
Please refer to [Member Verification] for validity of member information.

By the following above factors, credibility and reliability of the company will be highly distinguished from other regular company members.

IV. First Priority in Tpage Services
Tpage Premium FreePass Priority
  • Premium members will have first priority in using not only general services
        but also all the upgraded and newly designed Tpage trade services and upcoming
        advertising events. (Express Offer (Dec.), Target Mail Marketing (Dec.), Special Offer
        (coming soon), Industrial EXPO (spring 03') ) - FreePass Pro
  • You can update, post, upload, send your Info (offers, inquiry, and more) directly
        when others must wait for approval by TPX (Tpage Prudential Expert)
        - FreePass Up
  • Free to Contact any companies and traders at Tpage.com
        - FreePass Ex
  • Efficient Promoting System through Letters, Directory Listings, and More
        - FreePass PR