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Premium membership means VIP which Tpage certainly guarantee on their capabilities & as reliable trade partners for your trade business network.

Send Inquiry - You, as obtaining Premium or Economy Membership, can now view all your Inquiries and their whereabouts at My Tpage Incoming Inquiry menu, which certainly gives one consistent role that all Tpage members do their trade very organized since all they need is to come to the site and check it from there. As mentioned before, Inquiry tracing management tool will be the one you can look into as corresponding with anothers.

Easy Inquiry Managing tool - After sending inquiries to buyers, you can check its whereabouts by visible traces of all the outgoing inquiries
will be appeared on the company listing as their information has been updated and verified successfully. And this will eventually represent the Credibility & Reliability of the company member - Please refer to [Member Verification] for validity of member information.