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The level of activity of our users and members has been growing at a rapid pace. We acknowledge the importance of maximizing the visibility of our valued members and have now diversified the ways for our members to increase their visibility through Tpage.com, the largest trade company directory site by Prime Listing service.

What is Prime Listing?

Prime Listing is a service of listing a company profile at the top of a company directory category of Tpage. Now Tpage serves you with Directory Prime Listing as well as Search Results Prime Listing.

See the example screen :

Ways of listing your company at the Top of Tpage category

1. Join Tpage Platform Services - Premium, Basic and POP
Tpage offers Prime Listing service as one of the services of Tpage Platform Services - Premium, Basic and POP (pay service). Tpage Platform Service users have privilege of being listed at the top of category listing, Prime Listing.
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2. Show Tpage banner on your homepage

If you install one of the following Tpage banners at your website, we will assure you a Prime Listing spot in Tpage company directory category as well as your company's best search result within Tpage directory. We will also place your site in a larger scope in order for us to insure more visibility of banner installed company. Moreover, Banner installed company will have privilege of being listed at Tpage's banner ranking, which is another marketing tool for our members.<Go to banner ranking>
Prime listing is only available for Tpage.com's registered company members who operate their own English website.

How to install Tpage banner?

(1) Sign up as a member
(2) Simply type in the source code stated under at the spot where you want the banner to appear.
<a href="http://banner.Tpage.com/banner.cgi?click=YourID&b=Banner-number" target="_new">
<img src="http://banner.Tpage.com/banner.cgi?id=YourID&b=Banner-number" alt="Tpage.com -A Leader in Global B2B Trade" border="0">
(3) Please type in the your membership ID
(4) Please select a banner from the 3 kinds listed below.
(5) If your entered ID is incorrect, the banner will not be installed.
(6) Once the banner is installed, Tpage-robot will start searching installed information. Hence there's no additional procedure for registering. problemsShould you have problem in installing, please contact us with as your information, including URL, Your ID, Banner Number and Banner Position.